Welcome, my name is Friso Kristiansen. I currently reside in beautiful downtown Vancouver, BC and have worked in the games industry for over five years now. Feel free to explore my site to view some of the projects I have worked on or click one of the images to the left to view my LinkedIn profile or resume.

A Quick Overview:

Until recently, I worked at The Virtual World Web, where I was a generalist and mobile programmer on an ongoing MMO project named Curio. I was responsible for an assortment of programming tasks including: adding new gameplay features, shader development, creating tools for both in-house use as well as end user tools, and engine optimization. Curio is build on the Unity engine and in the most recent months, I was responsible for converting Curio over from Unity 4 to Unity 5.

In the spring of 2013, I took a year off from working at The VWW and decided to start up my own small company called Prime8 Entertainment. During that time, I designed, developed and released my first mobile game called Glob: Gelatinous Little Oddball. This was an excellent learning experience as it required me to be involved and responsible for every step of the development process, from concept to release. The company consisted of myself, and my friend Peter Ferreira who created all the art assets. Feel free to also check out his awesome works on his site here.

Glob: Gelatinous Little Oddball was a mobile game I developed under the company Prime8 Entertainment as described above. Glob was built over the better part of a year and used the powers of the Unity engine. In April of 2014, Glob was completed and released to the public on both the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Fryzen is a hobby project that my friend Peter and I have been working on in our spare time. We are both huges fans of the Crafting & Survival genres and so we decided to create our own. We originaly started working on the prototype in Unity approximately a year ago but have since decided to switch development over to Unreal Engine 4. Peter also activley streams his work on the game on Twitch so try catch him live here.

Every month I attend the Vancouver Full Indie meetup to stay up to date with the Indie Developer scene. To anyone interested in making their own games and wanting feedback, or simply wanting to hang out and have a beer with like minded individuals, I highly recommend coming out to the Full Indie. On Mondays I also meet up with friends in a local pub and work on our own little side projects.